Artificial Turf Installation in Florida with East Coast Turf Pros

Florida is known for green grass, beautiful sun, and long days on the beach or at the golf course. Floridians from Tampa to Orlando know that the beauty of the state lies in its warm weather and the constant sense of spring and summer in the air.

So when it comes time to manage your lawn and landscape needs, it might be tempting to think that the natural Florida weather will make that easy. But maintaining a natural landscape is difficult, and costly, and subject to the weather. But a synthetic environment addresses these issues by combining natural beauty with the toughness and adaptability of synthetic grass.


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Synthetic Lawn and Landscapes for Your Florida Business


Perhaps our biggest clientele is in the commercial sector. That’s not really a surprise considering the following facts:

  • Office buildings often need extensive landscaping to make businesses more inviting and attractive to customers. Natural landscapes can provide this, but they take a lot of planning and work.
  • More businesses are using rooftop decks and patios to entertain staff and customers.
  • More businesses are looking for ways to maintain their property throughout the year.

Synthetic landscape products serve all of these purposes. Artificial lawn installations cost a little more upfront but cut costs in terms of long-term maintenance. Furthermore, these lawn products don’t change or die off due to cold, flooding, or extreme heat.

Finally, models of artificial turf are custom-built for installation on patios and rooftop decks. A grass roof or patio with custom-installed turf is attractive and gives patio areas a natural and outdoors look and feel. It also provides a soft surface for guests to walk on.

Putting Practice Doesn’t Have to Break for Winter with a Backyard Putting Green


Picture it: looking out your window over a beautiful, uniform yard. No sprinklers, no lawn mower. In the distance, a putting green overlooking a small lake.

Sound like a dream? Well, East Coast Turf Pros have been making this dream a reality for homeowners throughout Jacksonville, Orlando, and the entire state of Florida. Putting green turf is more affordable than ever, and having a custom practice putting green in your back yard means that you never have to step back from your short game.

If you haven’t considered artificial turf installation in Florida for your home or backyard putting green, then call East Coast Turf Pros and let us tell you about what you have been missing.

Make Florida Public Areas Beautiful with a Synthetic Grass Installation

City officials in Florida are looking for alternatives to traditional landscaping methods and materials to bring their public spaces to life. Fortunately, artificial turf installation in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, or other Florida cities has come a long way.

Why is turf suitable for local public spaces in Florida?

ECTP Mini "S" Platinum 6
  • Artificial grass is more natural looking than ever before, and it blends well with local natural landscaping. 
  • Fake grass for dog parks has been a marginalized product for decades because the materials used don’t hold up to the abuse. But modern turf, and our own custom turf, is purpose-built to stand up to any damage and mess a pack of dogs can throw at it.
  • Playground turf is soft, yet durable. Unlike rubber matting, compost, or concrete slabs modern turf is soft and forgiving, making these spaces perfect for children to play in.

East Coast Turf Pros works with school boards, local governments, and park managers to develop custom turf installation solutions that fit their needs, and their budgets.


Take a Chance with Artificial Landscape Products in Florida with East Coast Turf Pros


Public, private, and business… turf has come a long way, and synthetic lawn installation has come even further. We use our own custom turf that fits all these criteria, and we’ve spent decades becoming the premier artificial turf installers in Florida and the rest of the south.

If you are on the market for a new turf solution, then call us now to find out more.  

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