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Georgians from Atlanta to Savannah appreciate beautiful landscaping. Flowers, manicured grass, perfect landscapes. It helps that Georgia is known as the “Empire State of the South”—with that kind of beauty, Georgia draws certain expectations about how peaceful and pretty the landscape should look.

But if you aren’t interested in spending all that time and money in maintaining a natural lawn for your home or office, then consider artificial turf. And if you are considering artificial turf, then consider calling East Coast Turf Pros, the experts in artificial turf installation in Georgia.


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Professional Commercial Turf Installation for Georgia Businesses


Businesses will often benefit the most from artificial turf. With large, sprawling properties and numerous public spaces like rooftop patios and decks for customer engagement, businesses need a way to keep those areas looking great.

Artificial turf is a great solution for this problem. We are synthetic grass installers with a knack for developing beautiful artificial lawns and landscapes, patios, and decks.

What do we mean by landscapes, patios, and decks?

  1. Artificial landscapes make business properties vibrant, colorful, and long-lasting. They don’t need watering or maintenance, and they can stand up to a ton of punishment. This means that they save your business money in the long run.
  2. Decks and patios are often covered with short synthetic grass surfaces to make them feel more like the outdoors. The same philosophy works with rooftop decks. With a grass roof and an artificial grass patio, you can transform these basic areas into pretty and effective place to entertain customers and clients.

If you’re making decisions for your company about any of these areas, and your business operates in areas like Dalton, GA or Augusta, GA, then call East Coast Turf Pros.

Work on Your Short Game at Home with Backyard Putting Greens


Artificial turf isn’t something many of normally think about when it comes to residential landscaping. But East Coast Turf Pros intends to change that thinking in the state of Georgia.

Where can you use turf to enhance your home?

  • How about a backyard putting green? With synthetic grass, you can build the green of your dreams that stays well-kept and uniform all year round.
  • Better yet, how about the whole back yard? East Coast’s synthetic grass is purpose-built to stay tough, resist pet damage and mess, and drain water into the ground and out of the way. It never needs watering or cutting, and it doesn’t die in the fall or winter (or even in the heat of the Georgia summers).
  • Finally, get some specialty turf for that deck or patio. With a big grill, some smooth evening lighting, and a soft patio turf surface, a plain deck becomes a luxury entertaining space.

Make Public Parks Safe and Beautiful with Synthetic Turf


State and municipal buildings have many of the same concerns as commercial properties: how do Georgians keep them looking beautiful without breaking the budget? Artificial turf is the answer.

ECTP Mini "S" Platinum 6

Again, like commercial properties, turf can provide a great, cost-effective solution for landscaping governmental buildings. Get professional artificial turf installation in Atlanta or Augusta to liven up an office property and keep that property looking great all year. And, best of all, you can save money for your local taxpayers by reducing maintenance costs.

More importantly, synthetic grass is a great solution for public areas like parks, dog runs, and playgrounds. Playground turf is a great alternative to mulch, concrete pads, or rubber surfaces. New models of fake grass for dog runs also blend nicely with surrounding park landscaping without suffering from the wear and tear of pet use.

In any case, East Coast Turf Pros are ready to consult with local government offices and public agencies to get turf installed in these important areas.

Georgia’s Professional Artificial Turf Installation Experts


If you live or work in Georgia and you are looking for synthetic grass installers that can bring you the latest and greatest in tough, attractive, and pet-resistant turf, then call us. We serve the great Georgia cities of Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and Dalton, including surrounding areas.

Save money and time, without sacrificing looks, with East Coast Turf Pros and our artificial turf installation services throughout Georgia.

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