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We are East Coast Turf Pros, and we are leading efforts in North Carolina to spread the word about artificial turf.

What’s so great about turf?

  1. It costs a little more up front, but it saves so much time and money in the long run.
  2. It is durable, reliable, and built to stand up to the toughest use.
  3. It stays beautiful, no matter the weather.

So read on to learn more about how we are revolutionizing artificial landscaping in North Carolina.


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Artificial Lawn Installation for North Carolina Businesses


Synthetic turf fits several commercial applications in several industries, but it is best used for any business that needs to make a great first impression to its potential customers.

East Coast Turf Pros have been providing artificial turf installation in North Carolina for a while, and we’ve learned what business owners are looking for:

  • Beautiful landscaping that doesn’t cost a fortune to maintain.
  • A gorgeous property that stays green, vibrant, and healthy all year long.
  • A place where customers of all kinds can feel comfortable and welcome.

Turf also gives your rooftop deck space or patio that extra little “something” for when you entertain business guests, clients, or staff. Artificial grass patios are perfect for that comfortable outdoor feeling that makes summer evening office parties inviting.

We’ve outfitted medical parks, doctor’s offices, corporate headquarters, golf courses, and so many more businesses with artificial landscape products—all the while providing the best customer service in the industry.

Support Your Golf Habit with a Backyard Putting Green


You might not think of synthetic grass as something useful for your home, but more Durham and Raleigh homeowners are turning on to artificial grass to keep their yards smart and attractive year-round.

The most common use we find for artificial turf in the home is for the installation of practice putting greens. Putting green turf provides a flat space to practice your short game and gives you a little something to show off to the neighbors.

But expand your mind a little and think about the possibilities: a synthetic grass backyard can be the landscape of your dreams without the variability of bad weather or the need for extensive lawn and landscape care. While an artificial backyard may not be something you’ve thought of before, we invite you to do so now.

Create Lovely Public Spaces, Parks, and Playgrounds

ECTP Mini "S" Platinum 6

Local North Carolina city governments are also looking to use turf as a way to spruce up their properties and bring a safe surface for playgrounds and other public areas.

  • Synthetic turf is perfect for ground covering around playground equipment. Playground turf serves as an alternative to mulch or dirt, providing a soft surface for kids to play on while providing an attractive look to the area.
  • Public dog parks use fake dog grass to provide a tough covering that is easy to clean no matter how many dogs use the property.
  • Public office buildings serve as functional areas where local citizens go to pay bills, take care of local disputes, and handle business related to their homes and families. Artificial turf is a way to make, and keep, these buildings attractive and welcoming for these citizens.

So if you are a governmental figure thinking about using turf as part of a local government landscaping solution, then call East Coast Turf Pros. We provide expert artificial turf installation for local public institutions in Charlotte, Wilmington, Raleigh, and Durham.

Trust East Coast Turf Pros – the Experience Synthetic Grass Installers in North Carolina


If you are in the market for an artificial turf solution and you need excellent, professional artificial turf installation with the professionals that you can trust, then call East Coast Turf Pros.

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