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If you are here, then you probably know that artificial turf isn’t just for golf courses anymore. But you might not be so certain about how people are using synthetic grass these days.

  • Commercial grass has been refined and re-purposed to stand up to dogs and is used in many dog runs around South Carolina.
  • Homeowners are using turf for natural grass replacements and backyard putting greens.
  • Local governments are turning to turf for public parks, dog runs, and school playgrounds.

East Coast Turf Pros have been providing artificial turf installation throughout South Carolina for years, and we’ve perfected the art of installing beautiful artificial grass for homes, businesses, and more.


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Commercial Lawn and Landscape with Artificial Turf


South Carolina businesses need bright and beautiful properties and buildings to attract the kind of top-tier customers that make their businesses successful. There is no better way to instill confidence with customers than by using beautiful artificial turf for landscaping. Think about it… synthetic grass doesn’t need water. It doesn’t need cut or maintained. It doesn’t dry out and die. Artificial grass stays vibrant and colorful year-round without the need for expensive upkeep or landscaping.

More importantly, turf is versatile as well. While you might want to utilize artificial landscape products for your property’s exterior, don’t forget that you can also use them to cover a rooftop deck or artificial grass patio space.

Artificial Turf Installations for Your Home


Turf isn’t just for golf courses and office buildings anymore. More and more homeowners in Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston are turning to turf to outfit their homes with reliable and easy artificial grass.

  • Synthetic grass is perfect for a backyard putting green. Turf provides a regular space for you to relax and practice your short game while preparing for your next 18 holes of golf.
  • Entertaining friends and family can take on a whole new dimension with artificial grass patios utilizing short synthetic grass. This turf application brings some color and life to normally flat areas, while providing a soft and comfortable (and easy to clean) surface.
  • Outfit your backyard with stunning turf. Synthetic grass stays bright and green all year, requires zero watering on your part, and stands up to dogs and cats. You save money in the long run and forego the unnecessary time and water needed to keep a perfectly manicured back yard.

That’s Right—We Said a Backyard Putting Greens

ECTP Mini "S" Platinum 6

One of the newest home luxury items that we have come across in South Carolina is the dedicated backyard putting green. Just like a putting green on a golf course, however, your own green would need a high level of maintenance to remain useful to you.

With our putting green turf, however, you can get a uniform and maintenance-free practice green right in your backyard. No need to mow, no need to water, and no need to landscape. Practice putting from home on a green that looks like it came right from the Charleston National Golf Club, and always have a leg up on your competition.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is—East Coast Turf Pros can design a backyard putting green that works exactly with how you want it to look, and how you want to practice.

Upgrade Parks and Public Spaces with Synthetic Grass


Municipal governments and public agencies throughout South Carolina are also calling upon synthetic grass installers to make their spaces brighter, safer, and easier to maintain. Fake grass for dogs can outfit even the most roughly-used dog parks in your neighborhood, making them easier to clean and maintain. Playground turf also makes areas like jungle gyms and swing sets safer for your kids. Turf is soft and forgiving, which means less skinned knees.

We know that schools, parks, and public buildings need to save money as much as any business, and that’s why we work with local and state governments to provide excellent lawn and landscape services for shared, public spaces.


Trust East Coast Turf Pros – the Experience Synthetic Grass Installers in Columbia, SC


Regardless of whether you are a Columbia-area homeowner, a business operator, or a public servant looking to save money for your constituents, we recommend artificial turf. With new innovations in turf and the purpose-built synthetic grass that East Coast Turf Pros uses for its lawn and landscaping efforts, you are guaranteed to get a strong and versatile surface covering that looks great, lasts forever, and saves you money.

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