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Traditional landscaping can be an issue for homeowners and business operators alike. It costs money, it usually requires regular, professional maintenance, and it leaves you to the whims of the seasons.

That’s why we have found Tennessee homeowners and companies turning to artificial turf. With an initial, up-front lawn installation process, these individuals are finding that synthetic grass blends easily with the natural beauty of the Tennessee landscape, and provides a budget-friendly way to keep lawns looking healthy and attractive. Beyond that, more people are finding turf to be a luxury item and are using it to outfit homes and businesses throughout cities like Knoxville and Nashville.  

If you are one of these people, or you are just learning more to see if synthetic grass installation is right for you, then call East Coast Turf Pros to learn more about the process.


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Businesses operate on a budget, and that budget gets even tighter when it includes maintenance for a large commercial property. However, as any office manager can tell you, an unattractive property can be the difference between a new customer and a lost customer.

With synthetic grass, you can build the lawn of you, and your customer’s, dreams, and do it without expensive maintenance costs. More importantly, turf is versatile and can be used for more than lawn and landscapes. For example, artificial grass patios and grass roof decks are becoming regular fixtures in business that want a nice entertaining area for potential clients or guests.

So, if you are a business in Nashville or Knoxville and you want to work within a budget without sacrificing quality, then call us today to learn about our artificial turf installation in Tennessee.

Build Out Your Luxury Home with Synthetic Grass Installation in Tennessee


Homeowners are quickly becoming a significant market for artificial turf in Tennessee.

Why are these homeowners turning to turf?

  1. Turf works great as a natural grass replacement for backyards. With no watering, no mowing, and seasonal changes, turf is a homeowner’s dream.
  2. Golfers with a serious itch to hit the course have been installing backyard putting greens on their properties to stay on top of their short game. Putting green turf helps keep these greens uniform and intact throughout the year, rain or shine.
  3. Decks and patios are often covered with short synthetic grass surfaces to make them feel more like the outdoors. Grill for friends and family on a grass patio.

Take your home from typical to remarkable with professional artificial turf installation in Tennessee with East Coast Turf Pros.

Local Tennessee Governments Can Benefit from Turf Too!

State officials in Tennessee can do more with artificial turf than ever before.

How is that?

ECTP Mini "S" Platinum 6
  • Municipal buildings need kept lawn and landscapes as much as ever before. But with a professional synthetic turf installation, they can maintain a beautiful landscape around any building while cutting back on long-term costs and maintenance.
  • Fake grass for dogs in dog parks has been a problem, but modern turf is designed with dogs in mind. Dog runs can use modern turf that can stand up to punishment and animal mess just as easily as any other environmental hazard.
  • Artificial landscape products work great in public parks. Playground turf is a much better alternative to rubber surfaces or concrete pads under playground equipment because they provide a soft and natural-looking surface for everyone to enjoy.

If natural landscaping is an issue for your local community, consider artificial turf and lawn installation as a potential solution.


Trust East Coast Turf Pros – the Experience Synthetic Grass Installers Throughout Tennessee


This is just an overview of what is possible with artificial turf. So if you work for a Nashville organization that might want to consider turf as an alternative to natural landscaping, or a Knoxville homeowner looking to change things up, then call East Coast Turf Pros – Tennessee’s artificial turf installers.

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