Premium Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

A lawn isn’t just a lawn: it is the first thing friends, family, or customers see when they come to your home or office. A professional and kept lawn speaks to people. It speaks to comfort, pride, and confidence. But that pride and confidence comes at a price–a price of money, time, and hard work. 

That’s why more modern homeowners and businesses are turning to synthetic grass. Modern artificial turf is lifelike, durable, efficient, and attractive. And, with proper installation, it can integrate seamlessly with surrounding landscapes and natural features.  

So, if you are considering an artificial lawn for your home or business, call East Coast Turf Pros. We can install beautiful synthetic turf that makes any entertainment space, play area, or commercial property look like a million dollars without the long-term costs or maintenance.


For Residential and Commercial Properties

Doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner looking to spice up a play area or exterior entertainment space, or a business owner outfitting your office property, artificial grass can make those spaces beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

Golf Courses and Putting Greens

Do you run an 18-hole golf resort? Or do you just want a practice putting green in your backyard? We do both. Contact us to learn about our products and installation packages for courses, putting greens, and surrounding landscaping.


Artificial Turf is soft and tough and make any play area safer and more attractive for children. Layout synthetic grass around any jungle gym or swing set for an attractive playground that will last for years. 

Landscaping and Lawns

One of the concerns of synthetic lawns are how they work alongside “real” grass and plants. With our expert landscaping options, we can install your synthetic lawn and create a stunning landscape that looks beautiful, real, and seamless.

Pet-Friendly Surfaces

Advances in turf have made resistant to pet mess. More importantly, none of our synthetic products contain any chemicals or materials harmful to dogs or other animals. 

Roofs, Decks, and Patios

Create an amazing entertainment area on your backyard patio or the roof of your office building. Turf can break up the monotony of these space and provide guests and clients with a comfortable space for entertaining. 

Low Maintenance, High Reward

Synthetic lawns are easy to clean, easy to take care of, and only need a regular maintenance schedule. Don’t worry about a dead yard or torn topsoil… synthetic grass is always on, always ready year-round.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Synthetic lawns don’t need water and don’t need fertilizer. No matter when you have your lawn installed, know that you’ll save water, money, and time that is better spent doing other things than taking care of your lawn.

Natural and Beautiful

Modern turf looks great. Gone are the days where synthetic grass stuck out like an artificial sore thumb. Today, synthetic grass melds easily with surrounding natural features, and with landscaping can fit the layout of any home or business.

Let’s Build Your Dream Lawn Together

No matter how you envision it, East Coast Turf Pros can help make your dream garden a reality. When you contact us, our professionals will give you the expertise you need to fully realize your dreams. And, we’ll provide the common sense and expertise necessary to provide an accurate assessment of what’s needed to make it happen. 

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