ECTP Mini “S” Platinum Turf

1.78″ grass pile height
Turf color: Field Green/Olive Green/Clove Green with Brown thatch
107 oz Face weight

This designer turf is called platinum for a reason, it is so lush and soft! A favorite among luxury hotels for roof decks and playgrounds, The Mini “S” Platinum is  also a great choice for home or businesses that need low maintenance landscaping or pet runs.

Our Top Turf Products, Proudly Made in the USA

ECTP Pet Turf

ECTP Pet Turf 1" grass pile heightTurf color: Field Green/Lime Green with Brown thatch85 oz face weightThe ECTP Pet Turf is specialty made  for the use of our beloved pets. No more brown spots, our turf stays green all year long! Low maintenance, hypoallergenic and...

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ECTP Putt Turf

ECTP Putt Turf 1/2" grass pile heightTurf color: Turf green61 oz face weightGreen speed 9-10Do you want your own personal putting green? Own a Golf Course and sick of the maintenance of a real lawn? The ECTP PUTT Turf is the industry's best Putting Green Turf. Made...

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ECTP Roof Deck Commercial Turf

ECTP Roof Deck Commercial Turf  *FIRE RATED* 1.1/8" grass pile heightTurf color: Field Green/Lime Green with Brown thatch86 oz face weightThe ECTP Roof Deck Commercial Turf is our top Commercial products, as it can be used in almost any application and is Fire Rated...

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ECTP Bermuda Turf

ECTP Bermuda Turf 1.25" grass pile heightTurf color: Field Green/Olive Green with Field Green/Brown thatch66 oz face weightHave you always wanted a perfect Bermuda lawn? Well, now you can no matter where you live, and keep it green all year long with the ECTP Bermuda...

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ECTP Roof Deck Plush *FIRE RATED* 1.5/8" grass pile heightTurf color: Field Green/Olive Green with Olive Green thatch92 oz Face weightNeed turf for an indoor or roof application? Try the East Coast Turf Pro's Roof Deck Plush Turf that is Fire Rated to meet building...

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ECTP Diamond Plush Turf

ECTP Diamond Plush Turf 1.75" grass pile heightTurf color: Field Green/Clove Green/Tan with Green-Brown thatch101 oz Face weightLooking for a lush green lawn all year? Try our Diamond Plush! Looks and feels so much like real grass the only way your will know the...

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