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15 Backyard Putting Greens That Will Make You Jealous

By East Coast Turf Pros | May 21, 2019

Everybody knows that the short game can make or break a round of golf. For the serious and dedicated golfer, the only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. Of course, the primary obstacle for getting in more putts is location, location, location: the distance from a golfer’s house to the actual green. Naturally,…

residential turf

Why Turf Is Amazing for Homeowners

By East Coast Turf Pros | May 4, 2019

It wasn’t that long ago that the notion of installing artificial turf in a residential setting seemed far-fetched. Turf was expensive, it looked fake, and it didn’t hold up to the elements. All these issues made it so that artificial grass was predominantly used by businesses, golf courses, and the wealthy. But times are changing and advances in turf have…


The Top 5 Commercial Applications of Artificial Turf

By East Coast Turf Pros | May 4, 2019

Your business is located on a large property, and you’ve been put in charge of landscaping. You’ve sent our RFPs for bids from local landscapers, but no one is providing a price point that you like. Maintenance costs are going to be through the roof, and you know that winter is going to make your…

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Doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner looking to spice up a play area or exterior entertainment space, or a business owner outfitting your office property, artificial grass can make those spaces beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.


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