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Our experts are trained and experienced with the installation of artificial grass, and the right landscaping necessary to integrate them with your home or professional building. We offer complete design and installation services to help your property look its best.

Commercial Landscaping and Lawns

Professional buildings now more than ever are looking on installing artificial lawns. Synthetic grass is easy to take care of, costs less in the long run, and looks beautiful year-round. And with the right landscaping, it looks almost as natural as the real thing.

Residential Lawns and Landscaping

More homeowners are looking in to artificial grass for their backyards. It makes a great space for entertaining and reduces costs and time for upkeep. And, who doesn’t want that new practice putting green in their backyard?

Dog and Pet Landscaping

Our products are 100% safe for pet usage. Not only do they not give off any harmful chemicals, but they are durable and resistant to animal damage or accidents. All our synthetic products are easy to clean.

backyard putting green

Resorts And Golf Courses

Looking to build new putting greens and fairways that stand the test of time without losing their luster? Try synthetic grass to reduce costs on course maintenance while maintaining a course that is easy to play on all year.

Backyard Turf Grill

Interior Spaces

Artificial turf isn’t just for lawns. Use our turf to outfit your deck, patio, interior dog run, exercise area, or commercial rooftop. Synthetic grass provides a great surface that brings color to otherwise drab locations.

Supporting Commercial and Residential Artificial Landscapes

Whether you need a commercial installation or a new way to spruce up your home, call East Coast Turf Pros to learn how we can help.
Businesses: guarantee that your professional property is immaculate and pristine all day, every day, with artificial turf. Not only does your property remain beautiful, but it does so with lower day-to-day costs than natural landscapes. Save money and time, and avoid hiring a whole landscaping team, with synthetic grass.

Homeowners: Outfit that new area in your backyard with artificial turf. Install some on your porch to give it that clubhouse feel. And do it with the kind of grass that is safe for your kids and your pets. And, if you are on the market, ask up how we can get that practice putting green up and running in your backyard.

Golf course managers: consider the benefits of switching from natural grass to synthetic turf for your greens and putting areas. It cuts costs on upkeep, looks beautiful, and makes it so much easier to play on.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective

Synthetic lawns don’t need water and don’t need fertilizer. No matter when you have your lawn installed, know that you’ll save water, money, and time that is better spent doing other things than taking care of your lawn.


Natural and Beautiful

Modern turf looks great. Gone are the days where synthetic grass stuck out like an artificial sore thumb. Today, synthetic grass melds easily with surrounding natural features, and with landscaping can fit the layout of any home or business. No more excuses, ditch your natural lawn and contact us today!

Let’s Build Your

Dream Lawn Together

Doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner looking to spice up a play area or exterior entertainment space, or a business owner outfitting your office property, artificial grass can make those spaces beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.


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East Coast Turf Pros is a supplier and installer of artificial turf. Our turf products are proudly made in the USA, installed by Synthetic Turf Certified installers that live near you! Contact us to start your turf project today.

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