Artificial Turf Transforms Patios, Roofs, and Porches

When we consult with our clients, we make sure to ask about any porches, roof areas, or patios used for entertaining. These spaces aren’t your typical discussion points when the topic of synthetic turf comes up, which is a shame. With the right kind of turf, your outdoor entertainment area will be transformed into a bright, welcoming, and relaxing space for guests, clients, and family.

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It’s easy to see how synthetic grass fits into a residential decorating scheme. Take a great patio space facing the outdoors and bring some of that natural look right where your friends and family will be. It adds an entirely new dimension to decorating and house planning.

Commercial properties are where these products shine. Commercial rooftops or gathering spaces on the roof of Multi-Dwelling Unit properties can add that green, natural look to otherwise urban areas. Create sharp and bright public gathering areas for tenants or clients that break the monotony of brick and mortar.

In any case, synthetic turf for patios and porches is an investment in your property and your business or home. Turf creates a sharp contrast to buildings while pulling in the surrounding natural landscape. It also raises the value of your property by creating a clean entertainment space that attracts buyers. There are also several turf products purpose-built to resist damage, dirt, and pet mess.

Or, if you own a business, set up an outdoor patio with synthetic grass and use it for staff meetings and parties. The applications of synthetic turf for existing patios, decks, and roofs are only limited by your creativity and imagination. And East Coast Turf Pros can help make your vision a reality.


Turf is strong, and it stands up to hard use. It’s also easy to clean… and unlike carpeting, it doesn’t require extensive professional care just to clean off. Have parties or get togethers knowing your turf will hold up.


Modern synthetic grass looks and feels natural, and it does so while maintaining a bright color that makes any space look great. Synthetic turf transforms any deck or patio into an outdoor entertainment area.


Since we are in the business of transforming these outdoor living spaces, consider the increased options you have for decorating and arrangement. Synthetic turf brings that earthy and natural feeling to any space, which means you can use any mixture of outdoor furniture or accessories.


Synthetic grass is easy. It’s clean. Many of our products drain water efficiently. All of this means less time spent by you on maintenance and upkeep, and more time spent on the things that actually matter.

We Are the Experts for Synthetic Lawn Care

We offer installation and maintenance services for homeowners and business owners. If you need artificial turf in any location then contact us to learn about our products.

Maintenance & Upkeep

If you hesitate due to considerations of cost or maintenance, then talk with one of our experts. We can walk you through our products, the costs, and what kind of services we offer in installation and landscaping.

We Are the Experts for Synthetic Lawn Care

No matter where you want a synthetic grass installation–be it a patio, roof space, or porch–the experts at East Coast Turf Pros can help. Contact us to learn more about our synthetic grass products and how they fit your residential or commercial needs. Our staff can help you find the right materials for your property, with the right support for installation and maintenance.


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If you’re on the fence about synthetic turf, give us a call. We can provide you with all the information you need about how turf can transform your patio, deck, or roof areas.

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No matter how you envision it, East Coast Turf Pros can help make your dream garden a reality. When you contact us, our professionals will give you the expertise you need to fully realize your dreams. And, we’ll provide the common sense and expertise necessary to provide an accurate assessment of what’s needed to make it happen.

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