Roofs, Decks, & Patios Photos

Artificial turf isn’t just for lawns. Use turf to provide a lovely accent for your roof patio, deck, or other outdoor entertaining space. The turf we use is easy to clean and manage, and always looks great. Check out some of these photos of our recent patio and deck installations to see what we mean.

100% Safe for Pets and Children

All East Coast Turf Pros artificial grass is 100% safe for pets and children. Our turf is specially designed to stay clean through even the smelliest of messes and it drains just like natural grass. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf helps with pest control as no water is needed and pest simply do not like to live in it. That means you reduce your costs in lawn care, watering and pest control services. Gain back your time and money with East Coast Turf Pros. 

patio turf after
roof top turf greens
home turf
artificial roof top turf done by East Coast Turf Pros
roof and patio turf

Let’s Build Your Dream Lawn Together

No matter how you envision it, East Coast Turf Pros can help make your dream garden a reality. When you contact us, our professionals will give you the expertise you need to fully realize your dreams. And, we’ll provide the common sense and expertise necessary to provide an accurate assessment of what’s needed to make it happen. 

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