Let East Coast Turf Pros Install Your Synthetic Grass Landscape 

Businessnes and homeowners throughout the East Coast are turning to artificial turf as a way of simplifying and reducing the long-term costs of landscaping. But purchasing the right turf is only half the battle. You need professional installers that can get the artificial grass turf laid out correctly, integrated with your residential or commercial environment, and finished professionally so that it looks beautiful for years to come. 


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Understanding the Benefits of Synthetic Products


Of course, you want your lawn or sports field to look great. But switching to artifical turf can serve a completely practical purposes and have many long-reaching benefits. 

‣ Synthetic turf, especially when used in sports and play applications, can save millions of gallons of water. A typical lawn can require 56,000 gallons of water each year and a sports field can require 500,000 gallons or more.

‣ Synthetic turf eliminates the need for potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers, providing a healthier environment while also significantly reducing maintenance costs.

‣ Both homeowners and commercial property owners can save considerable time and cost by utilizing synthetic products.

‣ Proper preparation and installation of sythetic surfaces reduces rainwater runoff and drainage concerns.

‣ Synthetic surface are often up to 20% cooler than hardscapes.

East Coast Turf Pros can install nearly any style of turf in any location, and we do so with an understanding of the importance of proper installation. This way, you aren’t just getting a rectangle of turf on your property—you’re getting something that looks like it should be there. 

We Install Turf for Homes & Commercial Properties Throughout the East Coast 

We know artificial turf of all shapes, sizes, and materials. We know what it takes to install it and maintain it. We know what looks great, no matter your installation needs. 

Because we spend so much time on our turf, we can install almost anything that comes are way. If you’ve bought your own turf from a store or online provider, we can probably install that too.  

You don’t need to buy from us to take advantage of our professional installers. So, give us a call. 

Call East Coast Turf Pros for all Your Turf Lawn Installation Needs 

Whether you’ve bought turf for your backyard, your business space, or an area meant for hosting events, you don’t want to cut corners on installation. With East Coast Turf Pros, you can trust that your turf, no matter where you bought it, will be installed properly. 

Call us today to find out what we can do to install any turf that you’ve purchased. Or, if you are looking to buy new turf, then talk with us about your options. We have tough, beautiful turf that stands up to rough use as well as pet messes or bad weather.  

No matter your turf needs, East Coast Turf Pros will take care of you. 

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