Synthetic Turf: Tough, Reliable, and Safe for Playgrounds

If you are building a playground, then one of the key decisions you have to make involves the ground materials. The days of kids playing on jungle gyms over hard concrete are gone. Today, parents and teachers are looking for safer, allergy friendly alternatives.

Outfit Your Home Or

Commercial Playground With Synthetic Turf

We suggest artificial turf for your playgrounds. Turf is soft, durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Not to mention that playground artificial turf is very attractive and makes any playground a sight for guests.

If you want to install a playground in your background, if you are a business that wants a play area on your grounds, or if you are a school or township that wants to build an inviting playground for public use, then contact East Coast Turf Pros to see what we can do to get you up and running.

Homeowners: artificial turf for playgrounds is a real option for home playgrounds. Synthetic turf is attractive, tough, and easy to clean. Most importantly, it keeps children safe by providing a soft surface for any spills or accidents they might take.

Business Owners: If an on-premises playground is part of your architectural plan, then you’ll want to go with playground artificial grass. It looks great, and we offer the landscaping services necessary to help blend artificial turf with your surrounding natural landscaping.

Public Officials: Don’t cut corners when it comes to building playgrounds in public spaces. If your long-term plan for municipal parks or schools involve playgrounds, consider using artificial turf as part of that construction.

Playgrounds are a wonderful addition to any large home, commercial property, or public facility. But if you’re going to build that playground, make sure you invest in every aspect. Invest in the appearance and longevity of your property. Invest in synthetic turf.


Kids fall and bump themselves. Playground artificial grass can provide a soft, tough covering so that they avoid skinned knees or elbows, providing a safer play space that lasts over time.


Artificial grass, unlike concrete or other synthetic ground cover, is easy to clean and maintain. Even with spills or other accidents, you can keep artificial playground turf looking as attractive as the day it was installed.


Our artificial turf brands are tough, resilient, and stand up to use over long periods of time. Even as children play on your playground day after day, the artificial turf you purchased from East Coast Turf Pros will stand the test of time.


We handle the installation to ensure your maintenance and cleaning is simple. Installing synthetic turf in your playground is an investment of money and time—the money and time that you won’t have to spend on upkeep.

We Are the Experts for Synthetic Lawn Care

We offer installation and maintenance services for homeowners and business owners. If you need artificial turf in any location that will expect animal traffic, then contact us to learn about our products.

Maintenance & Upkeep

If you hesitate due to considerations of cost or maintenance, then talk with one of our experts. We can walk you through our products, the costs, and what kind of services we offer in installation and landscaping.

We Are the Experts for Synthetic Lawn Care

When you work with us, you don’t just get a wide selection of the latest, purpose-built synthetic turf brands available. You get the East Coast Turf Pros experts. We know artificial lawns, and we can make sure that your new playground rests on beautiful artificial turf that blends seamlessly with the already-existing landscape of your property.


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Playgrounds with new equipment and bright, beautiful, realistic fake grass is inviting to kids and will make parents feel more at ease. Contact us to talk with our experts and learn about what products and services are available for your needs.

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