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Synthetic lawns are becoming more and more common across residential and commercial installations, so much so that it’s not uncommon to see lush, lifelike grass in a neighbor’s backyard that looks like the real things. And with the expert installation offered by East Coast Turf Pros, you can integrate your artificial turf grass with the surrounding landscape for a sharp, natural look.

We’ve Developed Beautiful

Artificial Landscapes

The truth is that modern artificial landscape grass looks and feels like the real thing, while providing all the benefits of synthetic turf. That’s because artificial grass looks great while cutting maintenance costs. Commercial property managers and residential homeowners alike have a lot to gain from trying out faux grass for their business properties and backyards.

Our team has been in the synthetic lawn business for quite some time. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned during that time is that lawncare doesn’t have to involve backbreaking labor to look beautiful. That’s where synthetic turf comes in.

Businesses like golf courses and country clubs have known this for some time: artificial turf solves a lot of headaches. It looks great, it’s easy to care for, and it stays consistent year-round. More and more businesses that need to set their property off as a welcoming showpiece for clients and customers are getting on board with synthetic turf. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to landscape their new synthetic lawns so that they look great, look natural, and look like they cost a million bucks.

Now, homeowners are getting in on the secret as well. Artificial lawns are a great way to help set off a backyard for entertaining. It’s safe for children and pets, it doesn’t need constant care, and it can make an area used for entertaining that much more inviting. Most importantly, it looks just as real as any grass.

Our installation and landscaping experts can help you plan out your commercial or residential vision so that the blend of imitation grass lawns, natural surroundings, and landscaping affects is a stunning presentation of how you want your yard to look.

Stunning Landscapes

Modern turf looks and acts like the real thing, and our products are some of the best in the industry. What’s more, we carry synthetic turf that resists dirt and pet mess while efficiently darning water. With a bright and beautiful artificial grass, your home or business will have a well-kept and attractive lawn year-round.

Wide Selection

We carry a number of modern models of synthetic lawn. From water efficiency to specialty pet-resistant materials, our products are durable, attractive, and east to take care of. Natural looking turf made in the US at a price you cannot beat, that is why you should call East Coast Turf Pros.

Seamless Integration

Synthetic landscaping grass has come a long way, and our newest products look like real grass. But more importantly, we install our synthetic turf with a landscaper’s touch. We’ll integrate your artificial turf with tasteful landscaping choices to integrate your turf with any surrounding natural features so you and your guest won’t notice the difference.

Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Artificial landscaping turf is easy to take care of. It cleans easy, drains water efficiently, and doesn’t require watering on hot days. Cut your water bill and your time spent on lawn care with your new artificial lawn. Once it’s installed, it’s just a matter of some regular cleaning and maintenance. No fertilizer needed, no water wasted and naturally reduces pests. Artificial Lawns are the Smarter Choice.

Home and Commercial Garden Design

East Coast Turf Pros handle commercial and residential installations and landscaping jobs. Whether you have a huge business campus or just a small backyard, our professionals can help you plan, design, install, and maintain your new lawn.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Realistic fake grass needs drastically less upkeep than the real thing, saving you time and money. Artificial Lawns require no watering, no mowing, no edging, no fertilizing and naturally reduce pests. Spend more time enjoying your lawn and less taking care of it with East Coast Turf Pros.

The Experts in Residential and Commercial Landscaping

At East Coast Turf our pro’s have a collect 100 years of experience in synthetic grass landscaping. We’ve studied and perfected the product, materials, and installation techniques for commercial and residential synthetic lawns. We know how to landscape synthetic lawns so that they shine naturally, and so that the turf compliments your building, your natural landscape, and your vision. When you work with East Coast Turf Pros, you get synthetic lawn experts.

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