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15 Backyard Putting Greens That Will Make You Jealous

East Coast Turf Pros May 21, 2019
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Everybody knows that the short game can make or break a round of golf. For the serious and dedicated golfer, the only way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. Of course, the primary obstacle for getting in more putts is location, location, location: the distance from a golfer’s house to the actual green. Naturally, there may be no better way to solve that problem than putting a putting green right in the backyard. In case you weren’t already considering such a solution, here are 15 backyard putting greens that will make you jealous.

Putting Green 1

1. This putting green is enough to make any golfer green with envy. The straightforward design fits in perfectly with the backyard design aesthetic. For the golfer looking to mostly put in hours of practice on their flat surface short game, this design is ideal. (Source: TourGreens)


2. Another seamless backyard putting green design allows the golfing area to blend in naturally with the rest of the yard. The artificial turf connects organically to the grass of the surrounding area. This putting green layout creates a polished look that doesn’t take too much attention away from the adjacent landscaping. (Source: Cascade Greens)

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3. Larger backyard putting greens will have the eye of every golfer in the neighborhood. If you have a bigger area or simply want to use the entire backyard for the putting green, you can create a multitiered surface. This is perfect for practicing different kinds of putts. Virtually any practical distance of putt can be perfected in this layout. Even some chipping and sand trap game is possible with the right amount of space. This arrangement is the ultimate solution for serious golfers with a lot of space on their hands. (Source: Back Nine Greens)


4. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller spaces can also be utilized for perfect backyard putting greens. Backyards with a little leftover space can be easily re-purposed for recreational value. Use this extra area in the backyard to create a compact putting green with multiple holes for your short game practice needs. (Source: Purchase Green)


5. For those golfers with enormous yards, another option exists. With enough space, you can essentially create a personal putt-putt course in the your own backyard. You can have each hole provide a different kind of difficulty or shot type. Truly, anything is possible with this configuration. Not to mention, multiple greens clearly provide the most potential for mastering the short game without ever leaving the house. (Source: Tanners Turf)


6. Backyard putting greens come in all shapes and sizes, but for many golfers there’s no need to get too fancy. A simple, oval-shaped putting green can provide a surprisingly generous amount of opportunities for hole placement. With some additional area on the fringes, golfers can practice chipping as well without taking up too much space. (Source: Pro Putt Systems)


7. Backyard putting greens aren’t just for putting practice anymore. With a sizable lawn, golfers can actually augment the putting green itself with an authentic sand trap. This way, they can practice getting onto the green as well as getting off of it. (Source: Synthetic Turf Experts)


8. Another clever option for the backyard putting area is to have the green curve around the entire length of a yard. With this unique setup, golfers have the ability to practice directional putting from different angles and lengths, as well as the capacity to arrange their hole positions in a wide array of distinct placements. (Source: Artificial Grass Liquidators)


9. You don’t need a giant backyard to have enough room for a putting area. In fact, some of the most elegant options for backyard greens are in the smallest of spaces. This one fits in very naturally with the adjacent gardening. And without flags, these sorts of putting greens might even go unnoticed at first glance. For those golfers


10. Keep every option open for your short game practice with a large backyard putting green that has hills, chipping area on the fringes, numerous hole placements, and even a sand trap to boot. With all of these incredible features, the practice putting green can become a truly authentic way to improve as a golfer just by stepping into the yard for a few strokes. (Source: Courts and Greens)


11. To create the feeling of an oasis right outside your own home, position your putting green in the backyard next to the pool. The juxtaposition of the swimming area with the turf will make your backyard look amazing and be somewhere you will want to spend all of your time. Is there really any better motivation for practicing your putting stroke than a quick dip in the pool afterward? (Source: Pool Center)

12. Another option for golfers looking to fill the entire backyard with a putting green is to build the landscaping and gardening around it. This creates a great green for practice as well as a beautiful yard for golfers and non-golfers alike. Throw in some thick grass for chipping and a sand trap, and you’re halfway to the golf course already! (Source: My Golf Tips)

13. Even the simplest of putting greens in your backyard can transform the area and be fully functional at the same time. Set up a hot tub near the green area to make the space fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone. Practice a few putts, then give those muscles a well earned rest in the jacuzzi. That’s a win for everybody! (Source: VRBO)

14. The absolute ultimate in luxury, resort-style backyard putting green experiences might include a pool, a hot tub, a patio or deck, and even a grilling area. With this setup, you can have a group of friends or family over to putt on the green, while others take a dip or grab a snack at the grill. Contrary to what some might believe, you don’t actually need a ton of space for this either. Even a compact putting green will make your very own backyard a place everyone will want to be all year round. (Source: HGTV)

15. East Coast Turf Pros
Any one of these backyard yard putting green ideas would be an excellent complement to the life and landscape of a professional or recreational golfer’s home. These and other incredible ideas for backyard putting greens are easily available. There are practically as many backyard putting green configurations as there are people that want them. Anything can be made possible.

If you are looking to have a putting green installed in your own backyard, look no further than East Coast Turf Pros. With our experience and expertise, we will work hard to bring your vision to life and work to create the backyard putting green of your dreams. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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