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The Top 5 Commercial Applications of Artificial Turf

East Coast Turf Pros May 4, 2019

Your business is located on a large property, and you’ve been put in charge of landscaping. You’ve sent our RFPs for bids from local landscapers, but no one is providing a price point that you like. Maintenance costs are going to be through the roof, and you know that winter is going to make your building look like a cold, brown mess.

Have you considered artificial turf?

Modern artificial turf has come a long way. It looks great, it stands up to dirt, wear and tear, and it requires little to no maintenance. Even better, it suits any number of applications. Whether it’s a roof patio layouta dog run, or a full lawn and landscape, turf fits in great nearly anywhere.

Here are a few select spaces where you might consider using turf as part of your business landscaping solution.

Dog Runs and Dog Play Areas

Dog runs are becoming increasingly common in both large public parks and in smaller neighborhoods. Dog owners love the opportunity to take their friends to a place where they can run with other dogs off the leash, and it gives owners a sense of safety knowing they can simply let their dogs play without much fuss or worry of them running away.

In the past few decades, however, artificial turf wasn’t seen as a viable solution for dog runs for a couple of reasons.

  1. Turf was hard to clean up, and
  2. Turf was easily destroyed by dogs.

Now, many models of modern turf are built to be pet resistant by addressing these two issues.

First, modern turf is easy to clean up. For pet-friendly models, it is often as simple as cleaning up after your pet and hosing off the turf (or waiting for a heavy rain). Such artificial grass keeps solid waste up and out of the grass blades, while allowing urine to drain through and out underneath.

Second, these newer forms of turf are typically built with durable materials in mind and are installed to avoid bunching or tearing of the underlying materials.

Finally, modern turf materials are animal safe, without the harmful byproducts or chemicals of the older models. That means that should your dog roll around in the grass itself, you can rest assured they are safe.

Modern pet-friendly turf is built for comfort, cleanliness, and durability, and nowhere is this more apparent than in a large, heavily used dog run.

Playgrounds and Outdoor Parks

Playgrounds and parks often use concrete slab underneath the play equipment. While this doesn’t seem very intuitive, it does help keep playground equipment stable and helps kids play without having to jump in puddles of dirt and mud.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that concrete slab is hard. Some playgrounds attempt to mitigate this issue by using materials like mulch or rubber padding to make the ground safer for kids to play on. On the upside, these can serve as a better surface than concrete. On the downside, they are messy and often unattractive, and take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

Artificial turf is a great alternative. With turf, you can set your surface wherever you want. The artificial grass can sit on top of the soil or concrete, drain water away, and provide a soft surface for kids to play on. Artificial grass is also rugged, so it will stand up to rough play as kids jump around. Finally, it can save you money on upkeep and maintenance because it doesn’t need water, it doesn’t need tending or raking, and it won’t need replaced unless severely damaged.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Many businesses use patios and roof deck systems to entertain employees and special guests. Depending on the kind of business and the clients they entertain, they may want this space to look immaculate. That’s where artificial turf comes in.

Turf on a patio? Of course! Many businesses use artificial grass to set a deck apart from the rest of the building and give it a casual “golf clubhouse” feel. The turf is still the same as you would use for a lawn or for artificial landscaping, and it provides a soft and luxurious surface for guests to walk on.

Artificial turf works especially well on patio systems used for outdoor cooking and grilling.

Surrounding Lawns and Landscaping

Of course, you can use artificial turf as a replacement for a natural landscape solution. Think about it:

  1. Artificial turf never needs water.
  2. Artificial turf never turns brown, withers, or dies.
  3. Artificial turf is easy to clean.
  4. Modern artificial turf looks more like the real thing than ever before.

Using turf as part of your landscaping plans reduces costs significantly. That’s because landscaping for a business isn’t a small feat—unlike a lawn, business landscaping usually covers a lot of square footage and requires significant water and maintenance. But with artificial turf, you can basically omit and costs for watering, and almost completely cut any maintenance costs (unless you need to repair or replace sections of the turf).

Likewise, if you’re on the market for a commercial landscaping plan, then chances are you are invested enough to make sure your landscape is attractive to current and potential customers. Artificial grass, in this case, is the best investment you can make. Turf doesn’t die, it doesn’t brown or wilt in the summer, and it never grows. It’s always beautiful, trim, and healthy-looking no matter what time of year it is.

Putting Greens

Golf course managers are no strangers to artificial turf… but did you know that many smaller businesses are installing small courses, putting greens, and putt-putt installations on their properties? These luxurious items can help keep guests entertained or provide your employees with something fun and unique to do while relaxing during lunch or after work.

Artificial turf is the obvious solution here. If it works for some of the biggest golf courses in the world, then turf will work for your small practice putting green on your commercial property.

Artificial Turf Helps Businesses with Time, Money, and Optics

This list is by no means comprehensive. The truth of the matter is that turf serves many businesses in many industries, no matter what size they are. Whether it’s entertaining people, supporting pets or children, or cutting costs on extensive landscaping, turf is always a viable answer.

The best part about turf as a landscaping solution is the savings and benefits. Turf may cost more up front, but it cuts energy and maintenance costs in the long run. Less time spent on keeping your lawn or playground in good shape is more time spent on more important things. And, your hands-off approach doesn’t mean that the look or attractiveness of your property suffers either.

If you are looking for a solution for your company’s landscaping needs, then artificial turf should be at the top of your list.

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